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5 Girls Project – Queens in Training

I had the pleasure of supporting the 5 Girls Project’s Queens in Training programme, based in Ghana. I delivered a workshop at the Ebenezer Memorial Community School, covering aspirations, goal setting and mind-set to young school girls aged 13-17. It was an amazing experience and one of my favourite memory of 2017 thus far.

Below is a list of the key highlights:

The opportunity to speak and deliver a workshop on the African Continent!

I had it written down in an old journal for a very long time that I would love to be able to speak to young girls in a country in Africa and the opportunity presented it self and I took it with open arms! Thank you to the 5GirlsProject who organised my visit to the school, it was a pleasure to assist them in their goal of empowering girls to become successful women in Ghana.

I expected a class of 25 young girls and entered into a room of 56

I walked into the class and took a deep breath as I was not expecting to see 56 pairs of eyes all staring at me as I prepared for an intimate group of 25! I took a deep breath and thanked God that he wanted more that 25 girls to hear and be impacted by what I had to say. I knew I had to deliver!

The smiles and brightness in their eyes as we discussed the first activity

The first activity was for the girls to write down what they would like to become when they were older. After we discussed the different aspirations whilst I provided tips, guidance and what they could be doing right now to achieve those goals. I could see that the discussion sparked a light of imagination in their minds. I wanted them to totally believe in what they had written.

Using my childhood difficulties to inspire another child that their dreams are achievable!

image Most countries I travel too I like to interact with local people and there is always this perception that life is easy in the Western world. Coming from a difficult background, I would have been referred to as a disadvantaged child with only a limited career path. I told them of the obstacles I had to face to get to the position I am now in today. I too had goals and aspirations just like them and I worked towards them and achieved each and everyone one of them despite my environment!

I am so grateful that I have been used to provide encouragement and hope to young girls whose environment does not allow them to feel that they are able reach their highest potential! Please take the time to listen to the feedback received from the Headmaster. This really, touched my heart and I believe that this is the path that God ordered for me!

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