Breaking Generational Negative Cycles

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My aim and mission is to raise awareness to break generational negative cycles within the family for the next generation to flourish and change the trajectory for life!

Generational Poverty is defined as a family having lived in poverty for at least two generations. The cycle of poverty has been defined as a phenomenon where poor families become impoverished for at least two generations, i.e. for enough time that the family includes no surviving ancestors who possess and can transmit the intellectual, social, and cultural capital necessary to stay out of or change their condition.

Such families have either limited or no resources. There are many disadvantages that collectively work in a circular process making it virtually impossible for individuals to break the cycle. This leads to the feeling of hopeless within the family and continues the cycle from generation to generation.

In economics, the cycle of poverty is the "set of factors or events by which poverty, once started, is likely to continue unless there is outside intervention". A person/family can experience Situational Poverty when their income and support is decreased due to a specific change - job loss, divorce, death, etc.

Generational Poverty is not only Finance it includes poverty in areas of Education, Parenting & Spirituality. The aim and mission of You4Us is to bring awareness and break these negative cycles for generation to continue.