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    "This was a great event by Paula Perry she did amazing to show adults and young people that they can achieve their financial dreams. I love the way she put herself across and I know if we can get most of the community to come together like this there will be a positive future for years to come."

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    "After attending your workshop on financial well-being on the 5th of Feb 2017. I summoned up the courage, opened stockbroker account and placed my first investment this morning. Thank you you4us, for opening my mind heart & eyes towards building my legacy. Keep up with the great work."

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    I attended the very first You4us program December 2016 and found it very useful. I learnt about sorting out my financial debts. Stocks and shares, also a weekly saving plan. I'm currently on my second saving plan, and up to date on all my debts which I was struggling to put in place before the program. I would like to say thank you to Paula at You4us for breaking the cycle for people to talk about their financial situation, and dealing with it head on. I've now learnt to sort out my debts and be financially free. Even though I have only attended one of the programs, I left feeling inspired and this has show me to, show my children anything in life is possible when you're finances are in place. I'm very happy to say I'm on my way to financial freedom, and peace of mind.

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    "Brilliant delivery, great content, professionally done 100% #LeadByExample."

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    "It was emotional, inspiring and so informative! You spoke about your turning point... Well, this was mine!."

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    "I've been to many seminars and I do many myself and this is one of the best I've come across, her skill, structure and mental education in personal finance is at the top and the fact that Paula has come from one place to another in such a powerful way is commendable and amazing. If you don't know anything about financial growth or freedom go to Paula Perry " Kevin Bennett, Emotional & Mental Strategist