About us

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You4Us aim is to help families break the negative cycle of generational poverty in areas such as Finance, Education, Parenting and Spirituality. This will enable the change in trajectory for future Generations to continue in a positive cycle.

The social environment is constantly and rapidly changing and societal trends have a directly relate to the social and cultural values that are practices within a society. Media in all forms has a major impact especially upon young people, and current trends impact negatively or positively and have long term affect that can explain why people behave the way they do and are also intergenerational.

We raise awareness of how our mindset (thinking) towards our environment can have a negative or positive impact upon us and provide guidance on how to identify the difference in order to empower and elevate towards our fullest potential.

The family is a vital organ in nurturing You4Us would like to bring the family back to the forefront of young women and men as they will bring forth the next generation of young people. Over the past decades this breakdown has had a major impact on the youth growing up today.

You4Us is committed to creating a positive domino effect within the family, by providing practical skills and tips to improve in areas of life that are often not spoken about. Our goal is create lasting change within families through our targeted programmes.

We provide you with:

  • Financial Seminars & Workshops
  • Bespoke Training
  • 121 Coaching
  • Young People Mentoring
  • Parenting Courses